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Brosz Forensic Services Inc., in conjunction with the Institute of Forensic Electro-pathology, have been collecting and maintaining an extensive electrical equipment failure and exemplar collection. This artifact collection covers a broad range of items involved in electrical power system equipment apparatus and system failures, personal injury cases, property damage, electrical appliance failures, power line hardware and component failures, generator failures, transformer failures, lightning arrestor explosions, electrical insulation failure, and more.

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The collection has assisted with numerous matters when a failed electrical artifact is required for comparison or study. The exemplar collection has been used extensively for comparison and examination, scientific testing, and possible trial demonstration.
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If you wish to donate an artifact to the IFE-P collection, or are looking for an artifact or exemplar, please contact our office.


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Institute of Forensic Electro-Pathology

The IFE-P is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to growing the knowledge base of electro-pathology. Our extensive incident archive includes failure artifacts and exemplars, photo and video galleries, safety information, accident statistics and failure rates.

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